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Our Philosophy

My philosophy of dance education is all about the love of dance.

I believe in teaching the joy of dance, educating dancers all about their abilities, and discovering the amazing possibilities their bodies can offer them through dance.

Here are some core bullet points that reflect my philosophy in action I do not encourage competitions, eistefords or exams:

  • I do encourage performing at local school fetes, choreography showcases and end of year concerts. None of these are compulsary.
  • I do not allow any make up on the dancers as I do believe that young dancers and children are beautiful without make up.
  • I do not require hairpieces, but I do request that dancers wear their hair off their face; preferably in a bun, so we can see their beautiful faces on stage.
  • I have no strict uniform cods and no hidden fees regarding costuming. I provide all costumes and accessories for school fetes, with a hire fee for the concert.

And to clarify, the end of year concerts are all about building confidence and getting up on stage and having fun.
The concert is NOT compulsory - however it is a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity to showcase to family and friends.
Our mid-year choreography showcase is all about building confidence. ( Again, not compulsory and a free event )
Dancers choose their own music, costumes and choreograph ( with a friend or group or solo) and showcase to their family friends. Designed to get the dancers used to having an audience, school fetes are a fun community event and the performance is all about fun and supporting the local schools and community. Miss Nats Dance School prefers to keep things accessible to all - and give all children the opportunity to perform on stage - without any pressure or worry of not being technically perfect.

Dancers are encouraged to perform at the best of their abilities - which is far easier for the dancers if their is no pressure.

For The Love of Dance!,
Miss Nat