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Our Classes

Below are descriptions of each one of our offered classes. Keep in mind that the age requirement is a recommendation only and should just be used as a guideline for choosing the most appropriate class for your child. To view pricing information and learn more about Family Discounts, see our Pricing page.

NOTE: In order to provide the best experience for your child, we ask that you take care to respect our studio rules. Please read our Studio Policies page before you decide to enrol your child in Miss Nat's Dance School. A ONE WARNING system is now in place - with dancers asked to leave after the second warning.

Toddlers and Tiny Tots A, B, C (Creative Dance Classes)

  • Toddlers: 2-3 years.
  • Tiny Tots A: 3-4 years.
  • Tiny Tots B: 4-5 years.
  • Tiny Tots C: 5-6 years.

For class times, see our Timetable page.

The Creative Dance Classes syllabus has been designed my Miss Nat to include a wide variety of dance genres in a way that suits each age/level. This will ensure that every young dancer has the opportunity to achieve confidence and security when they move through the different levels of the syllabus. Teddy Bears are introduced in Toddler Dance classes, which allows the little dancers to focus on the Teddies and teach them how to dance. This really works well for the shy dancers! The Teddies are slowly eased out of Tiny Tots classes so that by Tiny Tots C the Teddies are no longer needed. Both Toddlers and Tiny Tots are introduced to a variety of fundamental dance skills such as body mechanics, spatial awareness, musicality, left and right brain co-ordination, sharing and lining up. Basic introductory ballet and jazz are included as well as a variety of mixed themes such as "tiny" Yoga, Pilates with ribbons and crossing the midsection by painting the studio etc.

Musical Theater

  • ages 8 and up

For class times, see our Timetable page.


  • For ages 5 and up. Levels are determiend according to ability.

For class times, see our Timetable page.

Acro is designed for dancers to tumble and learn tricks without any apparatus (as in gymnastics).

Jazz/Hip Hop

  • Level 1: 6 -8 years.
  • Level 2, 3, 4: 8-13

For class times, see our Timetable page.

Jazz/Hip Hop classes are fun and funky, not too technical and a great team building experience. Dancers are taught isolations and basic Jazz movements, with steps introduced from the corner leading into a routine. Dancers are free to express their own interpretation of steps, focusing more on the feel and joy that dance can bring. Fantastic for coordination and musicality, Jazz Hip/Hop is designed for anybody and everybody to enjoy. Funky, modern music - with improvisation to end most classes - makes a happy dancer!

Classical Ballet

  • Level 1: 5 years and up.
  • Level 2: 8 - 10 years
  • Level 3: 11 - 13 years
  • Pointe: 14 years and up.

For class times, see our Timetable page.

Level 1 offers the basics of ballet, with Level 2 improving on the skills learnt from level 1, and so on for Level 3. Pointe work is offered to those dancers with years of training and strength behind them. Ballet is wonderful for posture and technique, builds strength and confidence and is a great basis for any style of dance. While Miss Nat does not have a uniform police, the dancers take it upon themselves to present as ballet dancers, with neat hair and appropriate dance clothing and shoes.


  • All levels: 5 years and up.

For class times, see our Timetable page.

Level 1 Tap classes are for beginners regardless of age, as tap is something that must be taught form the beginning as it can be quite technical. Each level is designed to improve on the previous one, with the dancers learning more difficult and challenging movements as they progress through. Tap is great for the brain - mathematically speaking! Tap dancers learn their beats and musicality as well as coordination, while learning to make the most wonderful noise through their Tap shoes! Tap shoes are provided at the studio ( just bring socks ), however they are not to be taken home at any point as they are the property of Miss Nat's Dance Studio.

Musical Theatre

  • All levels: 8 years and up.

For class times, see our Timetable page.

Musical theater includes acting, singing and dancing, taught by the amazing Miss Shara. Students learn their musical notes and act out plays and incorporate dance moves into their routines.

Adult Dance Classes

For class times, see our Timetable page.